A Career in Counselling & Psychotherapy

As a student enrolled on the Foundation course you
will be given expert independent guidance and advice as to the
appropriate steps in becoming a counsellor, psychotherapist,
counselling psychologist or business/life coach.

Once you have learnt about and directly
experienced the various types of approaches you will start to form an
idea of which direction you might want to take. You may realise that
this field of work is not for you or that you need to do more work on
your own personal development prior to professional training.

The majority of students become passionate about
counselling and psychotherapy and continue onto to relevant training.
You will be assisted in choosing the appropriate training facility and
course that meets the highest standards in the field and
correspondingly you will also be helped in avoiding the unregulated
facilities and those offering a poor standard of training. This is
extremely important to get right as there is no law at present to
prevent anyone running a training course in this field, whether diploma or degree. Some degrees in Counselling are not recognised by the main established bodies which are the IACP and IAHIP and may fall far below the professional standards required. 

advising which training course to proceed onto we have the
indispensible resources of previous students who, for over 10 years,
have been kind enough to provide GCS with ongoing feedback from
attendance on professional training programmes at all levels throughout
Ireland and beyond.