Stress Management


Managing Stress through Cognitive Behavioural



The course will benefit anyone wishing to improve
their ability to deal with stress or to help others to manage stress better. The
course draws on the application of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and
stress management techniques. CBT is recommended by doctors and psychologists as
an effective practical method of helping people deal with negative stress,
conflict stress, depression, anxiety and panic attacks and low confidence


Who is the course for?

  •     The course will benefit anyone
    wishing to arm themselves with effective psychological and behavioral tools
    against undue stress including anxiety and panic attacks, depression and  
    low confidence, interpersonal conflict and related stress
  •     Health workers: Counsellors,
    psychotherapists, psychologists, trainers, facilitators, life/business
    coaches, nurses, doctors, complimentary practitioners etc., as part of
    continuing     professional development, and to learn
    how to use cognitive behavioural psychology in their work
  •     The course is suitable for those
    who have little or no knowledge of CBT


What the course will give you

  •     A thorough understanding of how to
    manage the stressful aspects of your life and help others manage their
    stress more effectively
  •     Improve your ability to respond to
    stress and related experiences
  •     Understand the basic relation
    between thoughts, emotions, actions and physiology
  •     Name and apply some of the
    practical techniques used in CBT
  •     CBT helps achieve greater
    self-awareness and changes our thinking and behaviour. The course is
    practical and will include step-by-step procedures of the stages in CBT




Stress management


  •     Understanding what stress is, how
    the body responds to it
  •     Relaxation techniques
  •     Resilience; Building resilience
    against harmful stress
  •     Time management
  •     Nutrition
  •     Learn the practical skills and
    approaches for handling stress more effectively



Emotions and stress


  •     Understanding Emotions and moods
  •     Dealing with
    guilt, anxious, depression,
  •     How to change our moods
  •     How to break out of a bad mood  
  •     Managing fear
    and anxiety
  •     Over coming
    Social anxiety, Public speaking anxiety
    and Performance anxiety



Feeling good about yourself: Thinking Skills


  •     Dealing with
    self defeating
  •     Dealing with inner critic and
    critical others
  •     Moving from self defeating thoughts
    to self supportive thinking
    How to build self esteem


Feeling good in relationships: How to strengthen
relationships through improved communication


  •     Conflict resolution-dealing with
    the stress of conflict
  •     How to Change
    how you communicate
  •     How to get on
    with people
  •     Understanding relationships:
    the dynamics of
    human interaction
  •     Strengthening
    and maintaining
    important relationships
  •     Dealing with difficult people 


Course duration: 8 weeks   7.30-9.30, Tuesdays


presently only offered through GMIT. Please visit
to enrol. The
course will be on the GMIT website shortly.