Foundation in Counselling & Psychotherapy

“The first step to a career in Counselling and Psychotherapy"

Have you long dreamt of becoming a counsellor, psychotherapist or psychologist? Unsure of the next step? The Foundation will help you to see if a career in this field is right for you and guide you in the right direction towards good quality training.

The next course commences: No longer being provided

The GCS foundation prepares you for entry to professional training in helping you meet the entry requirements of the approved professional training programmes recognised by the Irish Association for Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy (IAHIP) and the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP). 

Now in its 25th year, the Foundation holds a solid reputation for offering a unique and exciting programme providing a creative experiential training approach facilitated by highly experienced and qualified trainers and accredited psychotherapists. 

Course Content  Course Ethos

Person Centred theory

Psychodynamic theory

Gestalt theory

Existential theory

Cognitive Behavioural Theory

Body Psychotherapy group

Art Therapy group 

Counselling skills practice

Course content is made up of approx. 55% personal 
development, 30% theory and 15% skills. 

Advantages of joining this Foundation

There is a strong emphasis on personal development. Insufficient personal development is the commonest reason for failing to gain entry to professional training.

Access to expert independent guidance, regarding your suitability and readiness for this field of work and assistance to gain entry to the established professionally recognised courses with the highest standard of training. We have 25 years of feedback from previous participants on their experience of the training programmes available. Guidance is crucial in choosing a professional training course right for you, as standards vary considerably and not all degree programmes meet the established professional standards. 

Intensive weekend training experiences with accredited and highly experienced facilitators present on every weekend. 

On completing the foundation you will join previous participants in gaining entry to recognised reputable professional training programmes. Previous participants now work in universities, colleges, schools, health boards, prisons, addiction centres, primary care, paid voluntary centres and in private practice. Contact with previous participants can be arranged on request. 

The foundation is accepted by colleges throughout Ireland as meeting and exceeding entry requirements for professional training and is one of the most highly
valued and recognised Foundation course's in Ireland. 

Entry Requirements

A willingness to engage in a personal process of self exploration, self awareness work, self challenge and be open to feedback. To be in a position to commit yourself to attend all course weekends between the hours stated. 

Venue & Dates

The Connemara Coast Hotel is the course venue in Furbo, Co. Galway. Accommodation. The course entails six weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and one Saturday at the end of the course. Saturdays 10 - 5, Sundays, 10 - 4. 

Application and Fees

Apply Here. *Please ensure you can attend all the dates before applying. It is essential to be able to attend all weekends. Due to the experiential nature of the course missed days cannot be replaced by alternative course work. The course fee is €1450. A deposit is required post interview and the final payment prior to the course start. Payment details here.

N.B. Please note that the Foundation course, as is the case for all foundation courses, is not a QQI awarded qualification. It is an access course only, designed solely to meet the entry requirements required for professional training programmes and bring you up to the level of personal development required for entry to professional training. You will recieve a certificate to confirm that you have completed the course. The certificate does not licence you to practise as a counsellor or psychotherapist.

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