About Furbo

Furbo has a stunning beach overlooked by woodland. It is ideal for walkers and swimmers alike. You can walk along the shoreline to Furbo beach which has a bar and restaurant beside it.

Recommended Accommodation
Cedar Lodge B & B is run by Joe and Beady. Ph: 091 592111. Overlooking Galway Bayand the Burren in easy walking distance of the hotel and beach

Furbo has a small labyrinth beside the church and overlooking Galway bay. Many walk the Labyrinth in silence, almost in a trance, their mind focused and meditative in mood. The Labyrinth parallels the counselling process as a path or journey taken to reach a new point in one's life. But like those that enter counselling they realise it is not the end but the journey itself that bears fruit.

Labyrinths are geometric forms that define sacred space. They have been around for over 4000 years and are contained in every major religion. To walk the path is to make a pilgrimage that calms the mind so the person can reflect on the journey of life. The centre is surrounded by 6 petals said to symbolise mineral, vegetable, animal, human, angelic and the divine. Some believe labyrinths were used to track lunar months and depict the orbit of the Mercury. Walking into the centre of the labyrinth is the period of letting go, calming and empting oneself. The centre is for determining what it is that one actually requires from life and walking out is for gathering together oneself and experiencing wholeness and integration. [Adapted from writings by M. Crosby]


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