Galway Counselling Studies


Norman Warden

Senior Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor (IACP & IAHIP Accredited) and Trainer. Originally trained as a general and psychiatric nurse. P/T lecturer in GMIT from 1993-2014 in counselling and stress management and now lectures P/T at GTI, Galway. Involved in psychotherapy training, supervision and clinical work since 1985 including 10 years extensive full time work in the mental health services of NHS, York as a counsellor and group psychotherapistNorman has wrote on many subjects in the press and professional journals including: Sculpting (Eisteach, 1994); Teen trouble (1996); A sense of the past (1999); Structuring the Therapeutic process (Eisteach, 1996); Change for the Better (2000); Student Expectations of Trainers (Eisteach, 2001); Managing change in difficult times (2011); Put off Procrastinating (2012); Don’t fight change (2013); How to Get a good night’s sleep (2013); How to stop worrying (2013); Dealing with Anger (2014); How to Overcome a Bad Mood.


Post Graduate Clinical Supervision Training, Applied Psychology, Trinity College, Dublin. 120 hours.

European Certificate for Psychotherapy, European Association for Psychotherapy.

Masters Degree in Counselling (Hon), Applied Psychology, UCC.

B.A. Training and Ed. (Hon), NUIG.

Diploma in Group therapy, Eigenwelt Centre for Psychotherapy, UK. 

Diploma in Counselling, Eigenwelt Centre for Psychotherapy, UK. 

Certificate in Counselling (RSA). 1986. 

Qualified Psychiatric Nurse, UK. 1983.

Qualified General Nurse, UK. 1979.


Psychotherapist – IACP (1564), IAHIP. 

Clinical Supervisor – IACP, IAHIP. 


Supervision Work

Approved counselling supervisor for MSc Counselling Psychology at Trinity College, Dublin.

2015 – Present   External Individual and group clinical supervisor for Masters level trainee psychotherapists at Turning Point Institute.

2004 – present   External Supervisor, Tivoli institute.

2009 – 2015    GRCC  external supervisor.

2004 – 2009   Group Supervisor, Tivoli Institute.

2004 – 2010    External Supervisor, Galilee House of Studies.

2012    2 days CBT and mindfulness with staff of Irish Radiological Institute.

2007 – 2011   Guidance Counsellors group supervisor (Galway).

2003 – 2006   Supervisor & Trainer, Athlone Rape Crisis Centre.  

2004 – 2005   Group Supervisor, MASC, Galway. 

2003 – Present   External Supervisor, Biodynamic Psychotherapy Centre, Kinvara. Team supervisor 2003-5.

Jan – Mar 2004  Group supervisor to post-graduate counsellors, Liberties College, Dublin. 



1993 – Present. Director, Galway Counselling Studies , Furbo, Co. Galway.   

2011 – 2014  CBT module trainer, ICPPD.

2011 Member on experts panel, BA Counselling & Psychotherapy, AIT.

2004 – 2009  Group therapist, Supervisor & Trainer, Tivoli Institute, Dublin.                           

2014 – 2020  GTI Lecturer (P/T): Introduction to Counselling and Psychotherapy; and Managing stress through CBT.

1993 – 2014   GMIT Lecturer (P/T): Introduction to Counselling and Psychotherapy, Managing stress through CBT.

1993 –  2006 GMIT Lecturer and Director (P/T): Counselling (Advanced).

2004 – 2006  Trainer for CURA.

2001 – 2002  Visiting Lecturer, Higher Dip. Pastoral Care, NUIG, Galway.

1993 – 2003   Founder & Director of Professional Diploma in Counselling, Galway Counselling Studies, Furbo, Co. Galway. 

1986 – 1990  Facilitator of weekend workshops in Person centred therapy and Dramatherapy.                                     

Clinical work

2002 – present  Network Counsellor with Irish College of General Practitioners health in practice programme. 

1991 – Present  Psychotherapist & Supervisor in private practice

1994 – 2007 Affiliate E.A.P. Counsellor for EAR, ICAS, PPC, BUPA & EAP Solutions.

1990 – 1991 Counsellor/Group Therapist (Full Time). Drug Treatment Centre, Pearse st., Dublin . Established group therapy programme for HIV +ve clients and provided individual counselling 

Feb – Aug. 1990 Clinical Team Leader (Full Time), Psychiatric Day Hospital, England. Individual, Couple, Family and Group therapy. Responsible for assessment, treatment and discharge of clients. Supervision of team.

1986 – 1990 Counsellor & Group Therapist (Full Time), St.Andrew`s Counselling & Psychotherapy Unit, York. Individual, couple, family, group therapy  and supervision of trainees. (psychodrama, art therapy, and small group therapy).

1984 – 1986 Psychiatric Staff Nurse (Full Time), Acute unit/Mother & Baby Unit, York. Responsible for Co-facilitation of groups and individual counselling.

1983 – 1984 Psychiatric Staff Nurse (Full Time) York H.A., UK.

Additional Training

2016     Supervising The Adolescent Therapist

2011       Member on experts panel for BA Counselling & Psychotherapy, AIT.


2011       Nuts & Bolts of CBT for depression, Yvonne Tone, TCD (NACBT)

2011     Eating Disorders: CBT and beyond, Gerard Butcher (NACBT)

Trinity College, School of Psychology

2010 Advanced Clinical Supervision day, Michael Ellis, PhD

CT Training/CNE HSE South

2010         Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Social Phobia

2008      One day Emotion Focused therapy workshop by L. Greenberg 

2008      Two day Gestalt workshop by Drs. Bob and Rita Resnick

Castlebar family centre

2014  Dialogical behaviour Therapy – Yvonne McCaffrey 


2012 Legal issues

2008     Supervision briefing day 1992

2004     IASPR Conference (supervision)
1998       IACT Conference (Ethics, Supervision & Training workshops)   

1992     Supervision training for counsellors (Sean Holohan), 4 days

1992     HIV & Grief Counselling, 1 day (IAAAC)

Employee Assistance Programme training; EAP Institute, EAR Ltd., & PPC

2003 Masterclass in SFBth with Barry Winbolt, 1 day

2003     Solution Focused Brief therapy, 2 days. Brendan Murphy, WHB

1996     Race, culture & the therapeutic relationship  

1995     Solution Focused Brief therapy, 2 days

1994     Developing E.A.P.`s

1993     Drug use; Family & work; Sexual abuse (Deirdre Walshe); Debt cllg; Supervision (Margaret Watchorn); Homosexuality (Carl Berkeley); Dr. M. Corry

Galway Rape Crisis Centre  

1998 Supporting Survivors of Ritual Abuse (3 days), Sue Hutchinson & Sara Scott.     

Galway Counselling Studies Master class by Dave Mearns – 1 day 2002

Oasis Communications, York

1987     Encounter group (John Rowan), 14 hrs   

1986     NLP (Douglas Pride), 28 hrs

1985     Egan model, M.Walsh & G.Dexter, 40 hrs

1984     Co-Counselling Foundation course, 40 hrs

St.Andrew`s Counselling & Psychotherapy Unit, York health Authority, York

1988-90  Monthly Study days: sexual abuse, object-relations theory, CBT etc.   

1990     HIV & AIDS, 1 day

1988     Family Therapy & Alcohol Dependence, 1 day

1987     HIV & AIDS, 1 day

1986     Family Therapy training & supervision, 90 hrs. Una McLuskey, York U

1984     Groupwork training & supervision (Judy Donavan), 50 hrs

St. John`s University College, York  

1985     Psychodrama training, Kate Grafton & J.O`Connor, 120 hrs   

1984     Dramatherapy Summer School: Gestalt (Jane Puddy); Anger Therapy (Ron Weiner); Assertion therapy (Ari Badaines); Dancetherapy (Kedzie Penfield), 6 days

1984     Dramatherapy, Ted Wharam, 24 hrs

1983     Dramatherapy, Anna Parkes, 40 hrs


Published and Unpublished papers

2003 Psychotherapist’s affective reactions to difficult endings with clients. M. Coun Thesis. Link.

2001 Student Expectations of Trainers. Eisteach (IACP), 2, 17. Link.

2001 Adult learners responses to trainers showing their vulnerability. BA Ed. and Training, Dissertation.

1996 Structuring the Therapeutic Process. IACP Journal 1, 36. Link.

1994 Sculpting. IACP Journal 1, 31.

1993 A Critique of Person Centred Therapy”. Dissertation for Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy.

1992 Communication Between Co-Therapists. Dissertation for Diploma in Groupwork.


How to overcome a bad mood (2017); Dealing with Anger (2014); How to stop worrying (2013); How to Get a good night’s sleep (2013); Don’t fight change (2013); Put off procrastinating (2012); Managing change in difficult times (2011); Blame your name (2004); Change for the Better (2000); A sense of the past (1999); Teen trouble (1996).