Contact an Accredited Psychotherapist or Counsellor:

Norman Warden IACP & IAHIP Accredited counsellor and psychotherapist. Qualifications: Masters in Counselling (UCC), BA Training & Ed., (NUIG), RPN, European Certificate for Psychotherapy. 

Has wrote and contributed on many subjects in the press and professional journals including: Managing change in difficult times (2011); Put off procrastinating (2012); How to stop worrying (2013); and Don’t fight change (2013). 

From 30 years extensive experience of working in the mental health services of UK and Ireland he draws on many approaches in his work including Gestalt, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. Qualifications in general & psychiatric nursing. Now Lectures in Counselling, Stress management and Cognitive Bahavioural Therapy (CBT) at GMIT and other colleges at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. 

Email, Text or Ph 086 395 4939