Guidance on Professional Training

A number of important questions arise when considering training to be a counsellor or psychotherapist:

Whats good practice in professional training? 

How do I know which course to choose? 

Firstly only consider courses that are on the lists recommended by IAHIP or IACP. Secondly If you want to be a psychotherapist focus in on the masters courses. If you are aiming to be  a counsellor focus in on the BA level 8 courses. 

Ask around of experienced therapists/trainers thier opinion and which courses to avoid. Some Institutes will have a long standing positive reputation others may be quite new or of a poor standard. 

Psychotherapy training involves more experience (hours) in the placement working with clients. It also involves more personal development including group therapy so you not only attend an individual (accredited) therapist but also attend a personal develop ment group or process group with your peers. Psychotherapy courses therefore cost more due to higher student to staff ratio. A coun selling course at the lower end of the standards scale may only have one trainer faciltiating the students over a weekend-a psychotherapy course would have about 3.  

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IAHIP recommended courses

IACP recommended courses