Galway Counselling Studies

Norman Warden

Accredited Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor. Lectures on Counselling, Psychotherapy, Stress management and Cognitive Bahavioural Therapy (CBT) at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Has wrote and contributed on many subjects in the press and professional journals (as below). From 30 years extensive experience of working in the mental health services of UK and Ireland he draws on many approaches in his work including Gestalt, CBT, Schema Therapy, Existential psychotherapy, Interpersonal theories and Dialogical Behaviour Therapy.


Masters in Counselling (Hon), Applied Psychology, UCC.

B.A. Training and Ed.(Hon), NUIG.

European Certificate for Psychotherapy, EAP.

Post Graduate Clinical Supervision Training, Applied Psychology, Trinity College, Dublin.

Diploma in Group Psychotherapy, Eigenwelt Institute, UK. 

Diploma in Counselling, Eigenwelt Institute, UK. 

Certificate in Counselling (RSA).

Qualified Psychiatric & General Nurse, UK.


Psychotherapist – IACP, IAHIP. 

Clinical Supervisor – IACP, IAHIP.


Clinical and Teaching Experience

Trainer ICPPD: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy module.

Trainer, Supervisor and Group Therapist, Tivoli Institute.

Network Counsellor with ICGP health in practice programme.

E.A.P. Counsellor for EAR, ICAS, PPC & EAP Solutions.

Trainer for CURA, Ireland.

Course Director, GCS Professional Diploma in Counselling.

Lecturer in CBT, Stress Management & Counselling, GMIT, Galway.

Counsellor/Group Therapist, Drug Treatment Centre Board, Dublin.

Clinical Team Leader, Psychiatric Day Hospital, Grimsby hosp., UK. 

Counsellor & Group Therapist, St. Andrew`s Counselling and Psychotherapy Unit, York, UK. St., Andrews
was an NHS centre where c
lients/patients attended 5 days a week. Treatment involved Individual, couple, family and group psychotherapy (psychodrama, art therapy, drama therapy, and small group work).


Published & Unpublished Papers

2003 Psychotherapist’s affective reactions to difficult endings with clients. M Coun Thesis.

2001 Student Expectations of Trainers. Eisteach (IACP), 2, 17. Link.

2001 Adult learners responses to trainers showing thier vulnerability. BA Ed. Dissertation.

1996 Structuring the Therapeutic Process. IACP Journal 1, 36. Link.

1994 Sculpting. IACP Journal 1, 31. Link.

1993 A Critique of Person Centred Therapy”. Dissertation for Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy.

1992 Communication Between Co-Therapists. Dissertation for Diploma in Groupwork.


Teen trouble (1996); A sense of the past (1999); Change for the Better (2000), Blame your name (2004); Managing change in difficult times (2011); Put off procrastinating (2012); How to stop worrying (2013); How to Get a good night’s sleep (2013); Don’t fight change (2013); Dealing with Anger (2014).