Foundation Course in Counselling Psychotherapy

(Personal development, Skills & Theory)  


The Foundation course has been running since 1993 and takes place from October
to April over 8 weekends
annually. Places are limited to a maximum 16 participants. Group I commences Saturday October 21st
(full). A second Foundation course (group II) will commence on Saturday December 2nd. This
will involve 2 weekends and 16 Monday evenings. Click

application form

here for Article on choosing a Foundation course

Would you like to improve how you relate to other people?
counselling & communication skills in your life or work?
a new direction in your life?
e a trained
counsellor or psychotherapist in 4 years time?

Experience the main psychotherapeutic approaches before deciding on the one you
wish to train in?

If any of these question
represent your ambitions then the Foundation course

is for
. Previous participants now work
in universities,

prisons, addiction centres, schools, voluntary agencies, and in
private practice
counsellors, psychotherapists, counselling psychologists, guidance counsellors,
and life coaches. The foundation course provides a springboard for further
training and new directions; increasing your self awareness, and helping to
ensure acceptance into further training

Foundation course an essential prerequisite for diploma
and degree courses in
counselling and psychotherapy.
This is an intensive course, designed to develop the principles and basic
skills involved in the counselling process. The course is appropriate for those
who wish to pursue a career in counselling or psychotherapy, improve general
counselling/communication skills and/or wish to further their personal
development. Those who have completed the foundation course have gone on to gain
entry to Diploma, BA and Masters courses in counselling and psychotherapy.
Participants find the foundation an enjoyable and highly fulfilling experience

Aims & Objectives of Course

  •   To
    develop participants understanding of counselling and psychotherapy

  •   To
    learn and develop basic applied counselling skills

  •   To
    introduce participants to the major theoretical approaches

  •   To prepare for entry into
    further training


    To develop
    increased effectiveness in helping roles and relationships


    To increase your emotional
    intelligence, self awareness & self understanding

  •    To provide independent guidance on further
    training and career options

Who is the course for?

The course attracts people
from many walks of life including teachers, social workers, occupational
therapists, nurses, college students, psychologists, complimentary
practitioners, unemployed, as well as other employment backgrounds as can be
seen from the

testimonials web page


Entry Requirements

  •    It is
    essential that you have an interest and

    willingness to engage in a process of self examination
       including an openness to self challenge and feedback from others

    Applicants need to be sufficiently mature and psychologically stable

    Course application
    includes the completion of an application form and an informal interview

Applicants from all  groups in society regardless of class, race, gender,
sexuality or disability are welcome

Course Content

Introduction to
appropriate models of counselling and psychotherapy: Person
centred; Gestalt; Psychodynamic; Cognitive-behavioural; Bodywork; and Art

Skills development through the use of video, demonstration,
practice, feedback and coaching

Personal development
is facilitated through continual self reflection, journaling, and groupwork;
drawing on art, drama, gestalt and bodywork approaches (the commonest reason for
not being accepted onto further professional training is an applicants lack of
personal develop

Assistance is available, on
request, for help with applications for further training including independent guidance on courses available

Course Assessment

self-learning assignments
are completed over the year: Two written assignments and a Skills
assignment. Personal
development is an essential element of satisfactorily completing
the course. Full attendance is required
to pass the course. A certificate is awarded to successful
participants by
GCS. The foundation is an access course for preparing
participants for and ensuring entry into further training. For information on the course facilitators click

N.B. Please note that completing a foundation course does not in any way train
someone to act in the role of counsellor or psychotherapist

Fees & Enrolment

The €1500 includes training weekends
(10am-5pm, Sat & Sun)
, theoretical material, and use of
library books.

Click here to send email


to: Norman Warden, GCS, Cnocan An Bhodaigh, Furbo, Co.
Galway. Tel: 0863954939 (Mon-Fri, 9-6). Click ‘ about Furbo’ for information on transport to
the venue. Please note that course fees are non-returnable under any
circumstances as the course commences, and is viable, based on fees paid

N.B. Please note that
a foundation course is not an academic course or academic qualification but an
‘access’ type personal development course for increasing one’s self awareness
and understanding of counselling/psychotherapy as preparation for application
and entry to professional training in this field of work (if desired).
Completing the foundation course will greatly enhance your chance of being
accepted into further training as has been the case with many previous

Application Procedure

1. Please read all the information about the course including participants
comments before applying. Then complete and forward on an application form

2. You will then be contacted re an informal meeting to discuss the course and
your application

3. If accepted you then forward on the €1500 fee to take up your
place on the Foundation course (the number of places is limited to 16)


Fees are best paid by cheque, postal order, cash or bankdraft. You
can, if you wish, pay

through PayPal

but note that the course fee
is 1550 through paypal to cover the very high paypal charge of €50

Course Venue

The course takes place at the

Connemara Coast Hotel
Furbo, Co. Galway. Click
here for

bus timetable to Furbo.

Often fellow students offer
lifts from Galway for participants without their own transport. The hotel is 10 minutes from Galway
city and overlooks Galway bay and the Burren. There are beaches and beautiful walks
Furbo. Access to the
excellent hotel
leisure centre
 can also be arranged

(see Norman Warden for details) which includes a swimming
pool and gym (guest fee is required).

You can also sit in the Canadian hot tub outside and enjoy the brilliant view.

for location of hotel

-Contact with previous or present students can
also be arranged-


For Information on local transport and accommodation click
link ‘about furbo’


Course Dates: Group I

October 21/22

November 4/5

December 2/3

January 6/7

January 27/28

February 24/25

March 31/1




Group II

December 2nd & 3rd 

Tuesday evenings from December 12th  

A second weekend will take place towards the end of the
course-date to be confirmed