Email Counselling

Email counselling is available if you
are unable to make contact with a therapist in your  area or for some other
personal reason prefer to seek help through email. You can only be accepted for
email counselling if you agree to the terms and conditions and have paid the
relevant fee. Please indicate your agreement in the first email sent. Fees can
be paid by cheque, bankdraft, postal order or through paypal (paypal is an ebay
company). Forward cheques etc to Norman Warden, GCS, Cnocan an Bhodaigh, Furbo, Co. Galway,
Ireland. The payment is

€150 for 6 responses.

email counselling seems
insufficient to meet your needs f

will be


Terms & Conditions

All clients must be 16 years of age or over, or have parental consent to their
participation in email counselling



relationship is private and confidential. However

exceptions may occur if a person appears to be a danger to themselves or
another, or reveals the abuse of a minor.

If you have

suicidal tendencies or thoughts,


should seek immediate professional help

or offensive emails will lead to immediate closure of the relationship with no
refund of fees paid.

addition read website terms and conditions