Foundation Course Ethos

The ethos of the Foundation course is based upon Existential (Irvin Yalom, Emmy De Deuzen, Victor Frankl) and Humanistic (Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow, Fritz Perls) principles, philosophy and theory. Related psychological models also influence the learning process of the course, in particular, psychodynamic theory (Freud, Jung, Adler)
The course process parallels the counselling relationship in seeking to form a constructive and collaborative relationship whereby you are encouraged to nurture personal responsibility, self reflectiveness, and form interdependent relationships based on respect, understanding and authenticity
Existential and Humanistic psychology both emphasise the importance of developing the core qualities of empathic understanding, unconditional positive regard (non judgmental acceptance) and authenticity in relationships. Valuing difference in people and an understanding of the boundaries which help maintain safe counselling practice are essential elements of the course as is personal development through ongoing self reflection, self support and self challenge