Certificate in Counselling Theory (distance learning)



distance learning programme

is appropriate for people:

     Considering a career in counselling or psychotherapy. The course gives an overview of this
    interesting and  challenging area, and helps participants decide which direction
    to take if considering this field of work. 

    Wanting to deepen their understanding of counselling or communication skills

    Wanting to further their personal development

  •    Who unable to attend a face:face course

Please note that this course is neither equivalent or a replacement for the
Foundation course

Aim of Course:


  •  To introduce participants to the theory
    of counselling

  •   To develop your understanding
    of counselling

  •   To develop basic
    theoretical knowledge and the principles underlying the use
    of counselling skills

  •   To offer a theoretical foundation in the person centred theory of

  •   To encourage increased self awareness


Course Content

  •   Basic

    counselling theory, attitudes and principles

  •   Theoretical input through theoretical material and reading list

  •   Studies of relevant models of
    counselling: Person centred; Psychodynamic; Cognitive behavioural therapy,
    Transactional analysis and integrative models


    Personal development work as a self-directed process and through structured
    exercises and self reflection

Content includes an overview of the
counselling and psychotherapy field; training aspects and present trends.


Course Assessment

assignments are completed in this programme.


Course format

Theoretical material is forwarded as an email attachment. The material includes
special exercises designed to promote and optimise your learning. On reading the
material and completing the exercises you can then forward feedback to your
tutor on your experience of the material and any questions you may have. The
tutor responds within a few days, with any guidance needed, and further material
is forwarded. The course can be completed in up 1 year.

Fees & Enrolment


€550 fee includes theoretical
material, an individualised course programme and a high level of contact
(email and telephone, if requested) with the course tutor. The level of contact is determined by
the course participant.
To apply forward on the application form along with the
full fee (payment can be made through paypal below).