Bereavement & Loss

This programme focuses on deepening your
understanding of loss. Content Includes:


    Understanding bereavement and loss

    The process of bereavement and loss (typical and atypical)

    Responding to a bereaved person

    Interpersonal skills needed

    How to develop the skills needed

    Boundaries and safety in helping the bereaved


Course format

Theoretical material is forwarded as an email attachment. The material includes
special exercises designed to promote and optimise your learning. On reading the
material and completing the exercises you can then forward feedback to your
tutor on your experience of the material and any questions you may have. The
tutor responds within a few days, with any guidance needed, and further material
is forwarded. The course can be completed in up 1 year.


Fees & Enrolment


€450 fee includes theoretical
material, an individualised course programme and a high level of contact
(email and telephone, if requested) with the course tutor. The level of contact is determined by
the course participant.
To apply forward on the application form along with the
full fee